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Mountain Trecking  
The surroundings areas, rich with flora and fauna are a birdwatchers paradise. A unique climate at 1140 mts above sea level and lush virgin forests attract a large species of birds into its bosom. You can have a glimpse of the Malabar Parakeet, grey headed Bulbul, Malabar Lark, Indian Swiftlet, Oriental Hobby and a lot more. An expert guide is available for novice watchers.
Bison Valley View Point
At this point you would be few of the lucky people to watch the largest of bisons grazing the green grass in utter peace and harmony with nature, allowing you a peek into their world.
Evening Safari   
The safaris are a real treat to the jungle-buffs who enjoy being in the midst of animals and revel in watching their lives in the jungle. There are night safaris for the night birds and pre-dawn safaris for the early morning risers. The scenes that you would encounter here will be etched in your memory for posterity.
The surrounding area will be ideal in the evening for a beautiful camp fire. It’s a joy for the guests to be in the nature enjoying the mesmerizing campfire amidst the greenery. The music is enchanting and enhances the blossom of the environment.